A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made by Max Batchelder and Marie Chapman over the course of about three weeks. Runs in Unreal 4, though you'd never know it.

Your grandparents have asked you to feed their cat while they are on vacation. Today, when you went over to their house, you accidentally locked yourself inside their garage. Your phone is dead, and the nearest neighbors are miles away. You have a set of spare keys in your car, but you parked in the driveway outside. How are you going to get out?

Install instructions

Windows: Decompress GarageQuest.zip, then run GarageQuest.exe.

Mac: Open GarageQuest.dmg, drag the app to your Applications folder, then run it.

Note that because it is running in Unreal, it may perform slowly (or not at all) on older machines. We could not get it to run on a 2010-era Macbook, for instance.


GarageQuest v1.1 (Win) 98 MB
GarageQuest v1.1 (Mac) 85 MB